Let me wash my hands well so I can dine with the old
For my wishes maybe horses but one must still learn to ride
But before my ink dries
Let’s wander together in time

I wandered in the past
When nature was a virgin yet we shared deeper connection with her
For a time with her comes serenity and peace of mind

I wander in the present
As we devoured almost all of nature yet we gradually break connection with her
Of all the means available to live in peace we only seek to tear each other into pieces

I wander in the future
Fright gripped tight to my feet as to who will want a brother
For modernity has become a border that only the man with gold is called a brother

I wander in the market by noon
Of mothers howling for buyers like wolves
As fathers dig the earth without gloves
While sons and daughters run away from school
A bakery with no breadwinner to run

I wander on the dark streets by night
And the villains light their fire to show their might
While the saint grab a seat to watch the show
So we wake up to a morning of wrong intimidating right

So let our story be told
Not by the drums that beats for the highest squanderer
But by the lips that speak with utmost integrity
Let our names be written on the sands of time
So the future may walk on it and see we kept in harmony what was entrusted to us
Let us wash away our dirt
Not so we may shy away from the unclean but show them how through our way
Let’s stay connected with nature
For the perpetuity of our lives lies with our connection with the source

©Hamza Hajj Ayub




Let all men walk on the earth and make their marks.
But for the great amongst them the waters cannot wash away.
Give it all your sweat and blood in task but without sincerity it cannot stand the test of time.
Build a house and find a woman but without character you cannot have a home.
So what comes to stay?
For all will go but some surely will stay. Bond with the breath and heartbeat of men.
And until the last man leaves, our marks will stand the test of time.
#InfiniteLegacy ❤️🙏🏻

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



Where would you go?
If the feet could reach beyond the horizon
To unmask what lies ahead man’s curiosity
Feeding the undying thirst of man to know more
Would you set sail without looking back
Or would you stay behind for better or worse married to our fears

Where would you go?
Beyond that which has kept man captive
Free from the chains of illusional bliss
That has for long trap man’s productivity
Going in cycles because your direction has been blurred

Where would you go?
If duty lie ahead and love stayed behind
Would you turned around to embrace that which sweetens the heart
Or chase with ceaseless sweats that which promise tomorrow’s comfort

Where would you go?
In the absence of light as our guide
As we are submerged in the sea of hullabaloo every now and then
We call for help only to runaway when it shows its face
For we have become used to our darkness that we hate even our own lights

Where would you go?
In a time were words have become empty
And actions bereft of value
We say more only to mean less
And do less only to claim more
So when nothing seems to suffice anymore
We wander with our insatiable desires

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



And so it is with life, from the rots the needy find his lots.

And from the lots the rich have enough to make it rot.

While they have enough to spoil, others lick the ground for oil.

So forget not the neighbor next door.

For you are only rich when you are in the hearts of many..!

#NoGraceInSquandry 🙏🏻



Builders from the broken
Our beauty lies not with what we hold
But how well we utilize what we possess
For it is not of the physical structures one finds peace
But how well we uphold the bond of love and unity in our space

Privileged is he that has more but can manage with less
For his heart is free from greed and trouble
Sorry is he that is with more but cannot quench his thirst
For in the abundance of many he mostly misplaces his priorities

Wreckers of the golden
For with many they still envy the poor man’s smile
Thinking peace comes with amassing more
Where as freeing more from the mind and heart lessens the burden on one’s soul

By virtue of where we are
We make the best of who we can become
By virtue of what we want
We must live to our full potential
And until we find an easy way to understand things
Our blessings will always be our greatest misfortune

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



Is it not in our failure to humanity
That we tend to see only with our eyes
For while the eyes is influenced by the apparent
The heart if accompanied by the eyes may see what it is in its entirety

Had we not seen beauty
From natural to cosmetic
Pure and unadulterated we thought
Only for the rain to fall and wash away what we held in high esteem the night before dawn

Do we only hear with our ears
For the ears alone loves what it wants to hear and not what it oughts to hear
Sweet grapevine and slander of innocents here and there
While if our brain was to stand in front of the ear
People’s reputation would have not been dragged in the mud

No condition is permanent the wise say
And in ways we may see individual inequality might be for a collective quality
For equity is not what one wants but what all should get
And if you carry the heaviest load today
It’s likely you bear the strongest shoulders among the multitude this very day

So let’s give freely today so we can enjoy fruits free from strings attached tomorrow
Let’s honor each other even in absence
So in present we all can stand tall with value that no one will have to cower like a turtle from danger
For when we individually thrive in our beautiful ugliness
We become a collective beauty that overshadows individual misdemeanors

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



Hear me out
Not with your ears but your heart
For the ears may hear
But the heart truly listens and responds in accord

Hear me out
Though the night is young and sleep is yet to be long
I have had to stay awake for many nights cuz my pain wouldn’t let me be

Hear me out
My voice cannot reach you even as you are next to me
Cuz like dry leaf hitting the ground I make no sound to your dry heart

Hear me out
For words can’t explain but time will surely tell
My tongue rolls but makes no sound
The ticking of the clock my only hope

Hear me out
Even by the thumping of my heart
It tells my pain through the darkness
And it speaks with the rhythm of your breath
As I lay in silence my only string to hold unto is the string to your heart

Hear me out
For with that I’m free like a bird
Dancing to the their tweets
I get carried away by the wind
And I feel light like a thread
With my worries no more

Hear me out
My eyes maybe close but the heart can only sleep when you respond
Take me home
Where peace is all I can find in you

©Maryam Bingle & Hamza Hajj Ayub