A dawn of savagery and utter dismay
When the sword speaks volumes than words
Wisdom was wielded in the fist and metal
As anarchy became the song that men dance with

Far away from guide the heart of men stands
Without any iota of reasoning the girl child was sown in the grounds
For the fear of shame men run for demonic fame
Celebrating the negative cheers as they shy away from the holy jeers

By the fade of dawn the sun rays shine with Islam
Giving hay to the fray ways of men that only led to shame
Honor was restored not by the sword but by morals and beautiful conduct
Women became the garment of men and not rags that only clean the dirt

Elevation beyond imagination
Islam gave the wings to humanity to fly above the stain of obscurity
The weak had strength
The poor gain wealth
The naked gain shelter
And the ignorant became enlightened
For in Islam humanity was raised above the segregation posed by materialism

Peace enveloped the troubled heart
For it is in its beauty that we meet each other with “Asalaamu alaykum”
A bond beyond blood or race
Forever we say Alhamdulillah for this grace

©Hamza Hajj Ayub




Sometimes the devil has his day
But it’s not to say he will always have his way
We fret when it boils, failing to know with time it will cool
For it is through the heat that the raw becomes prepared

Running for the urgent needs we try every shoe of misdeed
Walking with pageantry only to come and cool our feet with ice
For the hunger of pleasure we sell our peace so cheap
But if we seek peace, pleasure will eventually follow

The wide mouth of the crocodile while resting, doesn’t mean it’s an invitation to friendship
For many a cake comes a running stomach without break
As desperation has taking place over meditation
To allow the unsettled to rest for a clean us we seem not have that patience

We guys so often run to the urgent needs and leave the big picture of a better life
Guys settling for beauty at the expense of a dutiful wife
Ladies settling for money only at the expenses of peaceful home

We are always at war for heaven’s notice
Cursing the mirror for the reflections of our being
We feel ourselves high pass the universe never giving focus to the peace within
We claim ourselves wise and judge the future of the many generations to come
For we know not that life is a keeper of growth
As it feeds us itself in the ways of death
The bigger picture is to recognize the little things that defines what God is really about
We can always change and grow even when things are seemingly bleak
But we are blinded by darkened frames of these days
Yet it’s beauty still reside in the sun’s of the night
The graves of the ages that we inherited had us
Keep missing our chances as we will never know tommorow

It seems even our hearts yearns for a mind of its own
Would we really experience purity if we had divine reality
Will eternity give meaning to our strifes
If our hearts are seen by the right people at the right time?
All of the words were spoken when God said let there be light
And the numbers taken as love is all there’s to give the blindman sight
Indeed what goes around always come around
But some mystery in life is part of what life is about

©Hamza Hajj Ayub & MainPrince



A failure to marry thoughts with actions
Buried dreams rot without being noticed
Weaker and unsatisfied results even with the greatest of efforts
In a rain of sweat we clear the earth yet knowing not where to plant

A tireless walk about his weary mind
Searching for a place to dig for gold so he may also grind
His free hands carved him the image of laziness
Even though his mind knows not what vacation is

A busy night isn’t a guarantee of making babies
But thoughts from the market may see the mat as a useless companion
To others the hunter isn’t good at hitting his target
For so often it’s the result that matters as we pay no attention to the process

Many do without mind at what they do
Many think without hands to enforce what they think
For everyman is as busy as he is idle
Using his “six” some may perceive he is “nine”
But until we walk in his shoes we can hardly determine his heat

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



Amazing is the affairs of man
For trying to do that which cannot be done by his means, he ends up undoing himself
Cutting short the energy that awaits other avenues of great potential
Ridiculing himself whereas he could have been at the pinnacle of his true self

We never regain esteem by going where we are not known
When we lose respect and honor through our irresponsible demeanors
So often like mosquitoes we suck the blood of innocents at night
Only to come and donate them in the morning, seeking applauds from our victims

Amazing is the crown
Beautiful as it sits on a befitting head not because its decorated with gold
But for the sheer fact that people’s trust beautify that which they have faith in no matter how ugly on the outside
Sadly we fail to know that belonging there is not a prerequisite of fitting in

It’s a nice scenery watching a neighbor’s son wallow in foolery
Wide our mouths stretch in display as we hail him on his path of sway
Surprisingly we frown when the object of mockery falls on us
For we tend to care only when it favors our own

Indeed amazing is our lives
We praise the tree when we reap its fruits
We fail to water it during its dry season
But tend back to curse the tree cuz it no longer bear fruits
But deep in us there’s gold if we continue to dig
For some it’s just a meter beneath the surface while others it’s a mile or more
As we are only unique if we start to appreciate and celebrate ourselves

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



A reflection of truth on the naked eye
With time what’s white will come to light even if it’s corrupted with dye
For so often we seem to think the end is in saying goodbye
But many at times goodbye sets the pace for new beginning we tend to overlook

Time like fire could be a good servant and a bad master
Thinking we have more of time we delve into futility
The days and nights only serves as avenues for wantonness
Dancing to its wooing songs till we get into frenzy

Knowing we have less of it we make hay while the sun shines
For every minute that passes we may doze off but never sleep on duty
To live the life in our years whether short or long
Profiting the days so as the years in our lives may not look at as with shame

The day may choose to go or stay
But it will surely give the night its way
For what stood hot beneath the sun will find peace in the bosom of night and come to lay
Pushing hard to change we get to know we can only change the changeable
As what will be will now or later, come to be

©Hamza Hajj Ayub



The world has changed
Not just from the tall buildings and sophisticated phones
But we have become slaves to cosmetic beauty
Running away from our natural endowment that gives us a beautiful identity

Am an African and proud
My culture and way of life is my crown
My beautiful creed teaches me to change my bad ways but not my skin
For my Godly gift I cherish and hold dear

I may want to look bright but not light
For the tortoise may be slow but wise
Not knowing where the night might catch it, the tortoise carries it home along
Being who we are wherever we are
As nature put us in place but we choose to fall apart

Cosmetic beauty at first glance may wow
But to stay true and natural will make Kofi bow
Curves and edges with beads that sings his beautiful song
In her arms a place to be, where man always finds home

To acquire glittering fame we empty pocket and brains
Spilled dignity on the ground with no shame like falling grains
A corrupt beauty that cannot glow beneath a beautiful sunshine
For a fleeting name, a future gambled with as though it is a game


©Hamza Hajj Ayub



Let’s walk right into our fears. Where we spent most of our years failing to grab our desires.

Let’s take the lonely path together. Where the woods miss steps of loving blues.

Let’s run into our doom. Where they choose to label it so but like a flower we always bloom.

Let’s run without looking back. For behind us is the pain that we have promised to say goodbye to.

Let’s fall without rising. For in order to reach deep in love we have to sink deep in sacrifice. Let’s embrace the cold-weary road. For like a fairytale we set the pace for others to continue our story.

Let’s stay together despite the fight. For after every blow we comeback with a better glow.

Let’s flow like the stream between the rocks. For we make lovely noise but gently we go. Let’s be each other’s own. For I have only u to call my own 🌹❤️😍

©Hamza Hajj Ayub